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Acupuncture School Los Angeles - Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM - Yo San University teaches acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including tai chi, qigong and herbal medicine, and operates a Community Acupuncture Clinic and Fertility Clinic. Located in Los Angeles California.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 85260 Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Jon Y. - Good deal and works very wellI prefer H&R Block's software to TurboTax because it does the exact same thing, but for a much lower price. The program is very easy to use; very user-friendly. It walks you through the whole process and answers all your questions along the way. It accommodates for most any tax situation too (like if you are self-employed, have a business, etc). Having 5 free e-files is a nice bonus, so everyone in your family can use it too. With H&R's support, I feel confident that my taxes are being done right and that they will cover me in case of an audit or something.
  • M. Bell - Works great!I have a Kindle Fire and think this will totally replace it, plus. I especially like the fact I can listen to my audio books, search the web and use it for my email. It doesn't replace my laptop as it's keyboard is much more awkward, but I expected that. I would totally recomment it to someone who just wants a good tablet without spending big dollars.