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  • Steven L. Hood "Stevepup" - I'm loving how well Quicken works!I've used Microsoft Money for several years, but MS has decided to walk away from the product and no longer supports it. It cut off integration with my bank's website and really brought down my personal rating for Microsoft.

    I tried Mint for a while and thought it would be nice, especially since it had an iPhone app to work with it, but it didn't even come close to making me happy. I had set up Quicken for my sister on her computer a couple of years ago and I wasn't happy with it, but I decided to give it a try, anyways.

    Well, I was very pleasantly surprised! The set-up went quickly and easily. Quicken converted everything from my MS Money files in a snap. I then set it up with a new checking and savings account I had just opened and that went very smoothly, as well. I love how easy it was to set things up and and how well it integrates with my accounts' online services. I have accounts with Chase, E*Trade, and ING Direct, and all of them work wonderfully in Quicken and the online service.

    I give Quicken a big thumbs-up!
  • A. Lemmond - It helped me!I went off birth control in January to try and get pregnant but my periods were all over the place. They were anywhere from 24 to 32 days long. Within days of taking the pills in July my cycles became regular. I now ovulate on day 14 every month. I'm not pregnant yet but I feel confident that I will be soon.
  • Lakehouse "LakeHouse" - When you feel like getting really wideWhen you feel like getting really wide.

    Try the EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM wide-angle EF-S zoom lense

    Although it is an EF-S lense (built for the pro-sumer cameras - not the 1D pro series which use EF lenses only), this is a REALLY WIDE lense.

    Can not quite see your toes with it, but almost. It is a flat lense (not a fish-eye) and gives zero distortion at the corners. With a 77mm front end it gathers plenty of light and is crystal clear. And at f/3.5-4.5 (effective 4.0) is manages light like an "L" series lense.

    The EF-S 10-22 is the widest lense in the Canon series (save the newly released Fish-Eye).

    A well built lense for when you want to get the BIG PICTURE.

    This is a great lense when you are indoors getting photos of rooms, museum displays and don't forget taking a FULL horizon view of a valley, mountain range or a whole ocean in one shot (saves using a bubble level, several shots and a panorama stitching program). Want to take in your full back yard in one shot, then get really wide first.

    WIDE AND CLOSE: this lense functions at less than a foot (9.5 inches). Get WIDE with your smallest "friends".

    "L" series performance in an EF-S lense.
  • Paul Chin - Every Michael Jackson fan should have this- excellent!One of the best books Ive ever read. I was reluctant at first to buy this, not sure if it was gossipy. I was intrigued by fact that the author, is a professional writer, someone also well known to the Jackson family, and he has interviewed the Jacksons, incl MJ many times, often at their home- a rarity, which implies the Jacksons had a lot of trust & confidence in him. I was also intrigued by the layout & chronolgy & the chaptor titles. The book is huge, once I opened it, I couldnt put it down. I will treasure this book for a long time. Highly recommended!
  • Smart Shopper - This book made our day at DisneylandWe had one day to spend at Disneyland with my 2-1/2 and 4-1/2 year old children. We followed the "Dumbo in a day or die" plan from the back of the book, omitting attractions that we thought our kids weren't ready for. We spent 9 hours at the park and saw 17 attractions, never waiting in line more than 10 minutes. Awesome! Definitely worth $10 for this book to make the most of our $250 day in the park.