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  • Xabier Granja - Fantastic: modern, fresh, interestingWindows 8 is a new beginning. Microsoft is transitioning to a whole new platform, leaving the desktop behind for good. This means all good things: goodbye complexities, goodbye stupid program installations, goodbye (most) viruses. The new environment is fast, it's fluid (oh god, I sound like a Microsoft PR employee, but this thing really is fluid and smooth) and best of all it's very secure.

    The thing to remember here is that this is a transition. We're moving from the old ways to the new ways. Windows 8 is essentially 2 systems in one, a Frankenstein of sorts that lets you peek at what we'll be using 5-10 years from now, while still being able to use the past 30 years of computing. The problem with this: it's kind of a crazy mess, but a good mess. It's not very logical, it's not very cohesive, because this is a very evolved platform created in the yearly 80s AND a new lean platform designed in the 2010s.

    If you can accept this dual identity nature of Windows 8, you'll be fine. If you can't, you're better off keeping your already excellent Windows 7 and wait for Microsoft to get the new environment evolved enough to eliminate the desktop already. As it stands, you get some of the benefits of the new environment: mainly a fast and secure platform. However, the new environment is obviously incomplete: we're in the middle of a transition and thus the new stuff is still rough around the edges.

    Make no mistake though: the new environment (formerly known as Metro) is here to stay. Just like MS-DOS ended up all but disappearing in favor of the desktop, the desktop will gradually go away and be substituted by the new Metro environment. Fast, simple and secure, those are the 3 keywords in this new platform... we're just not there yet. Expect yearly updates improving the new platform (and I'm not talking the service packs we've had for decades, but actual full upgrades that will introduce many features and improve heavily every year, just like Apple updates OS X) and around 2015 we'll get a Windows 9 that will have by then figured out how to get the most of the new environment and the desktop will be heavily deprecated.

    In short, this is a transition, a messy but exciting one. If you want to be part of it, you'll enjoy much faster performance on the same hardware. If you'd like to wait for Microsoft to figure it out, just wait until summer 2013 (the first BIG yearly update to Windows 8, known under codename BLUE), if that doesn't convince you wait for summer 2014, and if that doesn't win you over, most assuredly 2015 Windows 9 will.

    It's inevitable, Microsoft has already decided on a direction and they're executing on it. The sooner you get used to the new environment, the more competitive you'll be in a the new computing world.
  • Michael J. Lipphardt - The current best 10" tablet - sorry, AppleI've tried a number of tablets, to put it mildly. Blackberry Playbook. Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+. iPad 2. Lenovo IdeaPad. HP Touchpad. All of them have features that are better than their competition, all of them have problems. The Samsung has very poor sound. The Playbook is an excellent platform let down by a lack of apps. The Touchpad, same as the Playbook. The IdeaPad is rock solid and feels like it will survive a war, but is far too heavy and suffers, again, from poor sound. The iPad has a superb app ecosystem, the display is above average, sound is horrible. The Asus Transformer covers most of the problems above. Sound is superb for a tablet. Display is excellent. Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the best Android by a long shot. The only thing letting this tab down is the relative dearth of apps compared to Apple. However there are apps for almost everything you could want and the tablet is fast, light, slim, sounds great and is just the nearest thing to a laptop replacement you can find. Add the dock and it's a very light machine that can go anywhere and run all day, and the office apps let you do what you need. Very highly recommended. It's unfortunate Apple doesn't have a dock like this. But the iPad would still suffer from poor sound. If I had to dump all my tabs except one, this would be the keeper.
  • L. Coles "Nana" - Britex B Agile strollerThe aging stroller I use for grandkids and nieces and nephews did the job, but would not fit easily in my Mini when also transporting little people. I chose the Britax B because I trust Britax and have been eying strollers when out and about. I shamelessly make inquiries of caregivers about the strollers they are using and how they like them. I would love a Bob's stroller, but cannot justify the price and now that I have the Britex B, I am very happy with it. It functions beautifully and easily folds up to fit in my little car. I am delighted with this stroller.
  • Jennifer Mezey - Great ProductI have had this for several years and love it. This is a great product if you drink more than maybe 1-2 liters of soda (or sparkling water) per week.

    1. It is very easy to use anywhere and uses no electricity.

    2. It allows you to control how fizzy your soda is.

    3. You can use tap water or start out with filtered water, which gives you a better tasting and healthier soda.

    4. SodaStream bottles keep your soda fizzy way longer than the bottles you buy at the store.

    5. No lugging bottles of soda from the store, finding a place for them in your house, and dealing with recycling.

    6. Despite what some older reviews say, it is now easy to find places to exchange the co2 canister. I do it at my local hardware store. But they last a long time, so you don't have to get a new one very often. They cost around $15 to exchange.

    7. GREAT for the environment. Re-use one SodaStream bottle literally hundreds of times instead of hundreds of bottles from the store.

    8. Save money. Yes it is more expensive than it should be (isn't eveything!), but this machine pays for iteslf in about a year (depending on how much soda you drink) and then saves you a ton. It saves even more even faster if you are using it to replace more expensive drinks like Perrier and Red Bull.

    If you are considering this product, you probably should buy it. Also a good gift.