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  • Bailey - Just what I needed!!!This planner is absolutely perfect for me!!!
    I have had 3 planners this year.
    One reviewer complained that the bigger size was a few bucks cheaper ... That planner is a 2012 only planner.
    This is a academic planner.
    I'm a little bummed that I found this planner mid-August, when it started July 2012. oh well! I have this planner for the next 10 months.
    I'm stoked.
    For someone as OCD as me, it's just perfect.
    It fits in my purse very well.
    My previous planner was a big 8.5 x 11 one and it was awkward to carry in my purse.
    My only complaint is the first 20 or so pages where theres a lot of blah blah about the planner, but that's fine. i'll get over it.
    You can look at the whole week. There are small monthly calendars in the front. There's a things to do, things to plan, things that you told others to do sections in the planner.
    It's great.
    :D :D :D
  • M&L Mama - There's no substitute for this mineral powder originatorAfter some price hikes and sneaky packaging size reduction, I strayed from Bare Minerals on principle. Over the course of almost 2 years, I fumbled with a couple mineral powders from the drug store and an expensive one from Smashbox but I was never really satisfied. These copycat powders did little to cover redness and usually made me look like a super-matte Kabuki doll. My recent return to Bare Minerals has been triumphant! I forgot what flawless coverage and excellent blendability this particular foundation offers. I can get a full face of freckle-covering perfection or dab a bit on a blemish and feel "made-under" but confident to run errands. Nothing comes close to Bare Escentuals' formulation which offers appropriate mattifying, amazing coverage and skin color matching; a bargain at any price.
  • M. Kelsey - The most insightful book about women in the workforceIncredible. This is not at all just a book that provides encouragement for women to lean in the workforce but a book that encourages both women AND men to lean into what they have passion for, to recognize that there is still significant barriers, ginger bias, and poor policies that need to be changed. It inspires both women and men to be a part of changes that are significantly larger than individuals, but fair treatment women globally. This is MUST read for both men and women - who work inside or outside the home.