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  • daisydog - Delivered on time in excellent conditionI shop around for prices each year and the only place with same price was Staples. However, I love Amazon and have never had a problem with any orders. I like having the original software (I save in the tax folder for the year). Just ordering the download worries me that I might need the software for the future and I end up losing download or backup, etc. Definitely recommend this seller and would purchase again.
  • Anohka - very happyi really enjoy this tablet. I had messed my brothers ipad before buying this and i have to say i am glad i went with this.
    things i liked
    *it has expandable memory via micro SD slot and a micro USB (ipads do not)
    *a micro HDMI so i can hook it up to my TV to read tiny things or just mess around
    *the camera on it is fantastic
    * It's processor allows it to take full advantage of my high speed internet.
    *The actual device is very easy to navigate (buttons)
    *Even though it only has a mono speaker, the sound is quite good
    *the touch screen does not feel like your pressing a bubble. It is smooth and responsive.

    things that aren't awful, but not awesome
    *It is basically a computer, and all computer do what they want instead of what you tell them to sometimes.
    *the metal on the back is VERY easily scratched.
    *the micro SD slot i don't think is the best design. I've had it fall out if i accidentally bump it. Granted this only happened once.

    I really haven't found anything i DON"T like about this. I am also not picky and i am patient so not a lot bothers me. I hope this review was helpful. I looked at A LOT of tablets before i came to rest at this one. I would recommend this tablet :)
  • E. Ferrer - IMPRESSED!As a fan of the supernatural,I thought I had read everything..boy was I wrong!! Singh creates her own version of the supernatural..3 groups of species ..PSY, Changelings (shapeshifters) and humans dominate the world in this novel. PSY are connected to each other mentally and are all tapped into a Psy-Net (cerebral internet). I truly enjoyed this book and looked forward to her next one!!
  • Christa - Ugh, Matthew Hussey's New Book... (is actually quite brilliant)God, Matt. You're such a massive doooouuucheeeee.
    Just kidding. ;) I don't even know the guy, but it was just funny because now he's going to think I'm his mortal enemy that ranted about him on twitter.
    (I'm not, but I'm still going to rag on you anyway because it's fun, and then you'll read this and get upset about it until you realize I'm leaving you a good review.)

    Let's get serious though:
    Women, buy this book. I've been watching Matthew's videos for a couple of months now and it's astounding to see how many people he affects through live events, blog posts, and videos. Well, now there's a book out that condenses this information and is in print (so you know it's legit!) Matthew is the honest guy friend that you didn't know you had: he's sensitive enough to pinpoint your insecurities about dating and is empathetic towards your plight, but blunt enough to show you that there are so many other ways to go around it and work it! Matthew's book urges women to become the best version of themselves, and to highlight their strengths, as well as accept their weaknesses. His advice is golden, and can be applied to many other areas in your life, not just your love life! Matt's book will teach you how to love yourself FIRST and FOREMOST (If you don't love yourself-- how do you expect someone else to love you?) and then show you how to work that to your advantage. He urges you and drives these points home, kind of to the point where he's almost nagging! (Only kidding, but seriously: some women are in denial about their love lives, and Matthew is realistic with these women. Change your perspective, and people around you will notice.)

    If you're serious about finding a real, meaningful relationship... get this book. Even if you're not, get this book. It will help you out in so many other areas of your life!
    I mean, come on-- I've already provided enough evidence that this book is amazing.
    Plus, look at the cover... it doesn't hurt that a cute, charming face is on it-- amirite, ladeez?
  • Larry D. - KDlinks A100 settop boxTo get the best out of this settop box I installed the "Experimental Hardware Acceleration Build of XBMC for Android"
    This is a nightly build which is available directly from the official XBMC Foundation's experimental nightlies database. It uses a function called "libstagefright" to perform hardware video decoding on many Android devices. It is still in its infancy stages, but looks promising as a future universal solution.I can play 720p hd videos with no stutter. I was going to return the unit because of hd video stuttering until I found there are different builds for android devices.