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  • Mary Longacre "Business Process Strategist" - Terrific resource for any Professional QuickBooks userLaura's new book (for which I was one of the technical editors) is truly the "In Depth" resource for QuickBooks users. 700 pages of very detailed and well illustrated instructions show you how to harness the power that is built into QuickBooks to get it to fulfill your business needs.
    Laura has been the author of QuickBooks guidebooks for years and this is her most ambitious effort. 18 chapters cover everything from the basics like setting up vendors and customers to entering transactions and reporting, to more advanced areas such as setting up payroll, importing data, and working with your accountant, as well as highly advanced topics like rules for keeping your QuickBooks database healthy and functional. Even the rarely used features like the loan manager and business planning tools are covered. Just the appendix on QuickBooks shortcuts is worth the price of the book for the time it will save you!
    Even though I've been working with QuickBooks for 15 years and have been a beta & alpha tester for Intuit, I still found tips in this book that I didn't know previously. So many new features have been snuck into QuickBooks in the last few years that it's hard to keep track of them all. Paging through the book many times something will catch my eye that I had no idea existed - for instance there is a complete list of login/logout, backup and restore, and user/password modification history going back to when your file was created.
    This is the manual that QuickBooks needs, that will help you use QuickBooks to its full potential.
  • J. Nusz "Author, reviewer & graphic designer" - A great digital art program....Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 is a wonderful digital art program! The program is very intuitive, enabling artists to create exactly what they're after in a relatively short amount of time. For optimal performance, I highly suggest using the program with a graphic tablet and pen. Using a tablet with the program allows an artist to create really impressive illustrations, drawings, digital paintings and more, quickly and easily.

    The program is easy to use, and the learning curve is not steep. It doesn't take forever to learn where things are and how to produce different effects, and the artist can get right down to creating, instead of trying to learn the program. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 is also fast to respond, without painful lags or delays that tend to zap the creative juices and cause frustration.

    I highly recommend this fun little program to anyone who loves to sketch, draw, paint or design graphics and illustrations digitally.
  • Green Eggs in Memphis - Annual GiftMy daughter used to cut out the Mary Engelbreit paper dolls in the magazines when she was little. Now that she is a Mom of 3, I give her this with a Mary Engelbreit Pocket Calendar every year in her Christmas stocking. With all of our tech devices it is still great to be able to glance at this and keep up with what is going on. Even if you did not grow up with Mary, the pictures will certainly bring a smile to your face. Useful and "happy" product. I do recommend it.
  • Tim Gooding - Not the Norton I rememberAs an IT guy, I have never been a fan of Norton. Slow and clunky. Not enough features to customize what I need protected and what is allowed. Way to much handholding.
    Not anymore. The software is way faster, not bogging down my game PC or making files transfers on my media center a nightmare. It gets out of the way, and only steps in when you need it.