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  • Blue Georgia Kat - Billy Makes Me SmileI just finished Billy's new book,I can relate to everything he says. He has such an incredible way of stringing things together and it turns into wonderful humor and puts a smile on my face. I highly recommended this book to anyone who is a baby boomer or to some one who just wants to laugh. I was amazed by the number of famous people he has encountered during his life. I felt like he was in my living room just visiting,like an old friend as he told his story.
  • Dennis Charpentier - Great ProductThe item was packaged well and delivered on time. It worked right out of the box. There are a ton of apps available both for fun and games or productivity. The tablet is fast and responsive. Many useful apps were provided by Samsung. Great product...would buy it again.
  • Cassie @ Preserving a Sense of Wonder - Zooper 2011 Tango Double StrollerI received the Zooper 2011 Tango Double Stroller in the gorgeous Mountain Flowers print.

    The first thing that sets this stroller apart from other double strollers is the included accessories.

    This stroller comes with everything you need to truly be able to use it every day. For chilly or windy days, you can attach the foot muff and save yourself the trouble of picking up blankets as they always seem to fall off. I love the sun shade since my 18 month old likes to be able to see out but I still want her to be protected from harmful UV rays. There is also a car seat fastening belt, so you can easily transfer your sleeping infant from the car to the stroller without disturbing them.

    The canopies are awesome and very versatile. I love all the options that effectively keep my little ones protected from the elements.

    This stroller also is actually usable for a newborn. With the 4 adjustable seat positions, you can lay your newborn in the stroller in what essentially is a faux bassinet. The adjustable leg rests even zips into place to ensure they are safely contained in the stroller.

    One hand pushing is a must for me since I like to be able to take the dog for a walk at the same time. The stroller is easy to maneuver and your children have a smooth ride since it has the 4 independent wheel suspensions.

    Other perks are:
    adequate storage
    only 30 inches wide, so can fit through most standard doors
    gorgeous and durable fabric selections
    five-point safety harness
    one step rear link brake
    removable front armrest for easy access

    This stroller is also easy to open and close and can even stand upright on its own for storage purposes.

    I highly recommend this double stroller and I'm very happy that it accomodates both of my children (18 month and newborn) comfortably.
  • Kristin - Leave it to Ted DekkerMy daughter is a huge fan of Ted Dekker, so when this book became available to me, although I was skeptical, I went on her recommendation that it "must" be good.
    I sat down to read it, knowing I only had an hour or so of free time...and suddenly realized the day had passed and I was halfway through! The book drew me in and took me on a ride that I did not expect. I had no previous knowledge of the book (other than the author), and no idea what it was about.
    It's a fast moving, easy reading story about a daughter of a politician...some very shady business deals...a terrible car accident...lies, tricks, shadows and mirrors...her unexpected ESP gift (or is it a curse?), and her journey to find the truth. I don't want to give away too much about the book (and certainly not the ending), but I must say that this was a great choice and I owe my daughter kudos for the tip! (My daughter is 19, and has been a Dekker fan for many years.)
    While the book has a Christian slant, it is not shoved down your throat, nor is it some sort of propaganda piece.
    This is a great choice for teens and adults alike.
    If you've never read Ted Dekker, this will hook you...if you have, you're already hooked...